• .45 Diamond Solitaire Ring in Platinum
    .45ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring F SI in Platinium Diamond: 1 x round modern brilliant cut Dimensions: 4.935 x 4.97 x 2.9mm Make: Very good Weight: 0.45cts Colour: F Clarity: S I2 Setting; Platinum Weight:5.00 grams NZ Certificate of Valuation included
  • 1.78 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
    EGL CERTIFIED DIAMOND Report: US58143916D Weight: 1.78ct Shape/Cut: Round Brilliant Measurements: 7.80-7.76 x 4.77mm Depth: 61.3% Table: 61% Crown: 13.4% Pavilion: 44.1% Girdle: Thin to Medium Culet: None Polish: Very Good Symmetry: Good Clarity: I1 Color: G Fluorescence: None
  • 10ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring
    ROUND CUT DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING 10.05 Carats....Looks HUGE!!!!!!! Set in a 14k White Gold 6-Prong Ring (Diamond in the photo above is shown in a ring display holder) Have a question...give us a call.... 021 781446 ACTUAL PHOTO of the diamond described and is The Exact Diamond You Receive. Our photos are enlarged over 20 inclusions appear larger in the photos than they are actually are. A general rule of thumb is once on the finger diamonds are EYE CLEAN. Ask us about our Custom Ring Design Service...we can make any ring you desire. Center Diamond Quality & Measurements shown below. Color: H 13.62 - 13.51 x 8.56 mm KS/-5/08(105-7048) Clarity: I1 Clarity Enhanced Natural Diamond
  • 18k White Gold 1.00 ctw Round Diamond Solitaire Ring
    This solitaire ring is 18k Yellow gold. This ring has 1 center round cut diamond that weighs 1.02ct (6.27 x 6.23mm). The diamond is G-H color and I2 clarity
  • GIA DIAMOND REPORT : 1156495782 Shape/cut: Square modified brilliant Measurements: 5.29 x 5.27 x 3.90mm Weight: 0.97ct Colour: H Clarity: SI1 Depth: 73.9% Table: 74% Girdle: Thin to very thick Culet: None Polish: Good Symmetry: Good
  • 1ct Round Brilliant Diamond Ring
    GIA CERTIFIED Report: 1156495782 Shape/cut: Round brilliant Measurements: 6.24-6.25 x 3.80 Weight: 1.00ct Colour: JK Clarity:I2
  • 14 Carat White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Ring Size 5.34 x 5.31 x 4.12mm Diamond Weight 1.02 carats Grading: Colour G Clarity SI2 Advanced Gem Lab Insurance replacement value $10,400. Description; 14 karat white gold 'Vee' type square setting approximately 6.8>6.5 x 7.9mm profile shank meeting a 4 claw setting which contains a single princess cut diamond.
  • 2.14 ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
    EGL CERTIFIED DIAMOND Report #: 58510602D GP Shape/Cut: Round Brilliant Weight: 2.14ct Color: I Clarity: SI3 Girdle: Thin to Medium Faceted Measurements: 8.36-8.33 x 5.07mm Depth: 60.8% Table: 57% Polish: Very Good Symmetry: Very Good Culet: None Fluorescence: Strong Blue
  • GIA DIAMOND REPORT:6107729783 Shape/cut: Square mixed cut Measurements: 7.01 x 6.82 x 5.00mm Weight: 2.0ct Color: G Clarity: SI2 Depth: 73.3% Table: 75% Culet: None Polish: Very good Symmetry: Good Fluorescence: None
  • 5.38 Diamond Ring
    Main stone is 4.26 with surrounding stones making up the rest. They are G colour with a clarity of VS to I1